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Top Lawyers Toronto

Best Lawyers Toronto™ lists Top lawyers in Toronto with respective areas of practice. Finding a top lawyer is always a challenging and we can help you in this. Here is the list of Top Toronto Lawyers with their area of practice to choose from. All these lawyers are highly professional and experts in their legal areas.

ronen kurzfeld


Ronen Kurzfeld (Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm)

Ronen Kurzfeld is the founder of the Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration and a respected immigration lawyer in Toronto. Over nearly 20 years, Ronen has […]

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Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet


Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet (De Bousquet PC)

Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet is the Principal Lawyer and founder of De Bousquet PC and his focus is on any legal matter regarding Employment Law. He […]

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Rahul Soni


Rahul Soni (Soni Law Firm)

Rahul Soni is the Principal Lawyer and founder of Soni Law Firm. His extensive courtroom experience and passion for helping victims obtain the compensation they […]

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Al Pace


Al Pace (Pace Law Firm)

Al Pace is the Founder and Principal of Pace Law Firm. Al Pace has over 30 years of experience in law matters and has a well-respected […]

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