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5 Reasons Why Lawyers Avoid Retirement

Law March 30, 2020

The specialist in retirement planning and succession of lawyers and firms from Best Lawyers Toronto identifies five factors that make discussions about retirement difficult.

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The Difference Between A Tax Lawyer And An Accountant

Law March 17, 2020

First of all, it is important to note that the title of a tax specialist is not regulated in Canada. Anyone with basic experience can declare themselves a tax specialist. In your choice of a tax specialist, it is therefore essential to take into account the training of this one.

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10 Skills That Make You A Good Lawyer

Law March 14, 2020

A good lawyer must also have a whole series of personal skills that will allow him to stand out from his colleagues. Here are the ten qualities that make a good lawyer according to the Best Lawyers Toronto:

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How To Find The Right Lawyer?

Law March 7, 2020

Did your supplier not deliver your new cabinets despite your payment? Without necessarily going to court, you could prevent an unfortunate situation or avoid escalating it by consulting a lawyer. The recipe for finding the “right lawyer” and the questions to ask.

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