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Best Immigration Lawyers Toronto (1)

Looking for an Immigration Lawyer in Toronto?

Best Lawyers Toronto listings for Immigration Lawyers includes experienced and highly- recognized Immigration Lawyers in Toronto city has to offer.

Our listings offer highly skilled Immigration Lawyers that have successfully helped clients not only in complex and urgent cases from Refugee Protection and Refugee Appeal cases, Deportation and/or Removal – and any other inadmissibility matter- to obtaining Permanent Residence and Canadian Citizenship.

Immigration lawyers interpret and provide advice on the processes through which people may secure their travel, work, and student visa. They also represent clients in Immigration Courts if necessary. These lawyers perform intake of cases, troubleshoot, and establishing case strategy. They keep constant contact with the client regarding the processing and if any problem occurs during the procedural time. They responsibly inform clients regarding updates and manage status reports for them.

Their main goal is to provide an avenue of relief to the clients for their visa/permit applications by every possible way they can opt as an immigration lawyer. Lawyers on this list, also assist families with international adoptions.

ronen kurzfeld


Ronen Kurzfeld (Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm)

Ronen Kurzfeld is a respected immigration lawyer in Toronto and founder of the Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration. Over nearly 20 years, Ronen has helped […]

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