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Best Immigration Lawyers in Toronto (1)

Looking for an Immigration Lawyer in Toronto?

Best Lawyers Toronto™ listings for Immigration Lawyers includes experienced and highly- recognized Immigration Lawyers in Toronto city has to offer.

Our listings offer highly skilled Immigration Lawyers that have successfully helped clients not only in complex and urgent cases from Refugee Protection and Refugee Appeal cases, Deportation and/or Removal – and any other inadmissibility matter- to obtaining Permanent Residence and Canadian Citizenship.

They interpret and provide advice on the processes through which people may secure their travel, work, and student visa. They also represent clients in Immigration Courts if necessary. These lawyers perform intake of cases, troubleshoot, and establishing case strategy. They keep constant contact with the client regarding the processing and if any problem occurs during the procedural time. They responsibly inform clients regarding updates and manage status reports for them.

Likewise, these Lawyers offer legal advice in less complicated cases such as obtaining a study permit, visitor visas, work permits and anything regarding Temporary Residence in Canada. They have more than 5 years of experience in the Immigration field. So far they have worked with mid-sized to large corporations with magnificent success. They act as an advisor or counselor and work as a mediator between clients and immigration authorities. They have good tie-ups with authorities which provides clients enough confidence to trust them. They also guide clients to the court if they face an issue during the hearing time or to make sure that interests are fully protected. Apart from these, they also have handled cases that involve interaction with criminal laws.

The following Toronto Immigration Lawyers assist in the personal Immigration Law matter to both, Canadians and future Canadians, in a wide variety of Immigration and cross-border related matters. They have handled cases from inception to completion within the stipulated time-frame and approve documents and filings with accuracy. These Immigration Lawyers of Toronto are well known because of their way to organize plans and schedule cases on a priority basis. These Immigration Lawyers are very much fluent in the areas of immigration as they assist their clients to achieve their dreams.

Their excellent understanding of the Canadian Immigration law makes them the top option when looking for any visa services. Immigration Lawyers of Toronto in this list posse the ability to speak different languages which so far have helped many clients from different cultures especially while making challenging dialogues. Immigration Lawyers in this list are employed by the government, in partnership or solo practice as well.

These Immigration Lawyers in Toronto don’t take decisions, they suggest different valuable ways that are suitable for them and let their clients decide which path to take and they proceed according to their will and give them victory. In scenarios when petition or application is denied, these immigration lawyers take initiative and suggest clients on the option for dealing with denial.

Their main goal is to provide an avenue of relief to the clients by every possible way they can opt as an immigration lawyer. Lawyers of this list, also assist families with international adoptions. These Immigration lawyers will let you know the services he offers during their first meeting with clients and doesn’t misguide you if it’s not their cup of tea.

ronen kurzfeld


Ronen Kurzfeld (Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm)

Ronen Kurzfeld is the founder of the Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration and a respected immigration lawyer in Toronto. Over nearly 20 years, Ronen has […]

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